Installation tips for tiles

Installation tips for tiles

Wall tiles Dubai are a great way to get better look in your house and you can have these on any wall of your house and mainly they are used on the kitchen walls and as the bathroom tiles Dubai because they will look good in any place. There are some precautions which you have to take care of and if you are not aware of them then you have to hire a good engineer to make sure that you are getting your tiles the right way which will make your house beautiful and do not harm that in any way. Here are a few tips for you before you go to get some tiles in your house:

These tiles are a bit heavier than other kinds of tiles and it will need a proper investigation about the house whether the house can bear the weight of these tiles or not. Other than that you have to see that these tiles need a lot of care before installation and during the work because they may get broken easily at this stage. After installation they need very little care but before that you have to take care of them and avoid stacking up too many tiles one over the other and also you should not drop them as they will break and cause you loss.

These tiles are in need of getting some sealant on them because there will be some bare surface which will get scratches and stains hen something drops on that but to avoid that you need to add sealant on the tiles while or before grouting as it will help in grouting and also make them easy to clean after the installation and protect your tiles from wear and tear.

When you are getting some grout on your tiles then make sure that you first test that on some spare tiles because sometimes when you use colored grout then it will stain the surface of the tiles which will look bad after drying so you have to first try that out on spare pieces and if it look good then you can easily use them on the entire surface but if you see any stains even the little ones then you have to change the grout to the clearer one to avoid bad staining on the tiles.